Install a weblog

27, Nov, 2005

I’ve been meaning to install some sort weblog on the front page so I could update it easier in hopes that I’d put up some fresh content. This process started quite a while ago with Blosxom and it was enough to get me heading in the right direction. The begining of the current layout was part of a blosxom theme but heavily modified. I liked the idea of the posts being in text files and they get posted in order by timestamp. I tinkered with php and some text files but realized that it was going to be more of a pain to go this route. Since we installed PostgreSQL on the webserver, I needing to find a weblog that supported it as an option. I had been leaning toward Wordpress but it needs MySQL. I looked at Personal Weblog but there’s some issues with my setup.

I found Serendipity and it had a little more on the page than I wanted on the default install. A quick look in the admin page and I turned off practically everything except the posts themselves. This is very flexible and as lean as I want. I think this is going to work out nicely.

Dump MySQL and move to PostgreSQL

22, Nov, 2005

MySQL on OpenBSD/Sparc64 seems to be somewhat flaky and apparently has been that way for a while now. Kernel_Killer was fighting with it and phpBB on the webserver. I suggested that we look at PostgreSQL instead. I hadn’t decided on which weblog I was going to put up yet and phpBB supports either DB.

We installed PostgreSQL and the php extension to support it and then went on Thanksgiving break. I got back to setting up the DB server on Saturday after coming back from the inlaws. The more I dug through the docs, the more I liked what I saw. I haven’t spent much time with database servers but this makes me want to learn more. The website is up with PostgreSQL on it and things are coming together.

Moved to new webserver

1, Nov, 2005

My websites have been running on the same box as Screaming Electron for a while now. After the new hardware and shuffling with the Screaming Electron servers, there was a Sun Netra T1 available and elmore setup it up for Kernel_Killer and I to use. I’m very grateful for the hardware/bandwidth/etc. and for the freedom to tinker some more since I don’t have to worry about taking down the SE site in the process.

It had OpenBSD 3.7 on it but 3.8 just came out. I decided to try a remote upgrade after testing on my wireless access point at home. The install on the webserver went very smooth and we were up and running again quickly.