Install a weblog

27, Nov, 2005

I’ve been meaning to install some sort weblog on the front page so I could update it easier in hopes that I’d put up some fresh content. This process started quite a while ago with Blosxom and it was enough to get me heading in the right direction. The begining of the current layout was part of a blosxom theme but heavily modified. I liked the idea of the posts being in text files and they get posted in order by timestamp. I tinkered with php and some text files but realized that it was going to be more of a pain to go this route. Since we installed PostgreSQL on the webserver, I needing to find a weblog that supported it as an option. I had been leaning toward Wordpress but it needs MySQL. I looked at Personal Weblog but there’s some issues with my setup.

I found Serendipity and it had a little more on the page than I wanted on the default install. A quick look in the admin page and I turned off practically everything except the posts themselves. This is very flexible and as lean as I want. I think this is going to work out nicely.