Website back up and updating again

15, Dec, 2006

The webserver that I hosted my websites on died and the backups were dated. That poor old Sun box decided it couldn’t take anymore and imploded. The box belongs to a friend of mine and he let me and another friend host our sites on it. It was in a colo facility in a rack that his worked owns. He changed jobs and they allowed him to keep his stuff there but the future looked uncertain for a while. I debated on moving off the box but as time went on, it seemed that everything would be fine where it was. That’s why there hasn’t been a lot of updates on any of my sites. I should have made a new backup anyway because I started updating everything right before it died.

All my website stuff has been moved to another box in the same rack but it’s much more powerful. The bad news is that it’s a production box so I can’t do whatever I want. It’s not that bad since basically everything I need is already installed and I was keeping an eye on a website running on it anyway. I already have a full backup saved offsite and will be setting up regular syncs to keep it going.

Unfortunately Google forgot me in the month of downtime. I used to have the top result for shrauger and strog. Now I can’t even find the main pages in the first several pages of results. Oh well, I don’t know of anyone who was acutally trying to find me that way. We are back on track and will be updating with some kind of frequency now.