Here’s where I spend my hours during the week:

I grew up tearing things apart to figure out how they worked. Sometimes I even got them back together (mostly).  I grew up on the farm which meant learning to ride a bike on gravel (not an easy task) but once we learned, we rode all over creeks, pastures, back roads, etc.

The family got our first computer (Apple IIc that was quickly traded for an Apple IIe) when I was 11.  I got my first motorcycle (’81 Yamaha IT175) when I was 13.  These two things really shaped my life. I have a passion for all things computer and motorcycle to this day. I still prefer to see things working which is why I like my bikes naked (no/very little body work) and my watches mechanical (preferably automatic with see through case back).

Why Strog?

I was on a harvest crew when I was 18/19 and they started calling me by my last name. “Hey Shrauger” We were working with another crew and a kid from that crew tried to call me over the radio but couldn’t get my name right. “Hey Shr…Str…Stroganoff!!”  Everyone else heard it and thought it was hilarious. They shortened it to Strog and I’ve been that ever since.