Ding, fries are done (bye bye BK)

I've had enough from Burger King and poor service.

Dear Burger King Corporate,

My experiences with your restaurants has been more trouble than it’s worth. My local store has not gotten an order right in 8 tries. I’ve tried another store and they are 2 out of 4 for getting my orders right. I don’t find 2 for 12 an acceptable average for a restaurant whose motto is “Have it your way”.

You may be wondering what types of issues I’ve had and that’s a fair question. I happen to like all the condiments on my burgers/sandwiches/etc. so there hasn’t been any type of special orders in these experiences. There’s been wrong sandwiches, wrong drinks, missing fries, etc. It’s been at least 2 or 3 issues on every order. Once I ordered a limited time burger that had cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, etc. The promotion had been running for a couple weeks so I thought they could make it by then but they had to remake it 4 times after me talking to the manager and taking 45 minutes to get it taken care of. I boycotted that store (only went to one other store once) for 3 years over that deal.

Your marketing has been very good during all this time. My son could tell me exactly what toy was in the kids meal during this entire time. Doesn’t matter if it’s Sponge Bob, Transformers, etc. but he knew I wouldn’t take him there because we’ve had a few talks about why we don’t go there. I will put up with a lot for my kids so I told him last week that we’ll give Burger King another chance. He’s really been wanting the Transformer toys so I went through the drive through on the way to drop him off at the day care.

Me: “I’d like a BK kids meal”
Drive-through: “4 or 6 piece chicken?” (I didn’t ask for chicken)
Me: “(to my son)Do you want nuggets?”
Son: “Yes”
Me: “4 piece please with chocolate milk (son says “Dr Pepper” from the back), I’m sorry make that Dr Pepper”
Drive-through: silence
Drive-through: more silence
Drive-through: “$3.31, please pull around” (What about asking for the side or a sauce to go with the chicken nuggets?? What about asking if the toy is for a boy or girl?)

We pull around and I ask for some honey-mustard at the window, take the food and drive him to the daycare. I get back to pick him up and find that they had given him a toddler toy instead of the Transformer toy he was wanting. His little sister liked the ball that came with it but she’s one. This is when I decided enough was enough. There’s plenty of other options around and I don’t need you. Seems you would try a little harder if you needed me.

I don’t want anything from you. I’m going to make sure this makes it to the appropriate person in the corporate office and I’m going to make sure the local store manager knows what is going on and then we are done.

Thank you,
Dale Shrauger