Fluid motion

A beautiful day and a ride where everything is automatically flowing.

Yesterday morning finally brought the end to the record 22 straight days of rain. The roads have dried up and it’s a sunny 70 degree day . The family is taking a Sunday afternoon nap and I don’t have to be anywhere for a couple hours. Time for a ride.

Turn to watch the garage door come down, flip the sun visor on the helmet, let the clutch out and I’m rolling as it begins. The bike is glued to the road as I turn out of the drive and go around the corner to exit the neighborhood. The next hour and change (my watch didn’t jump in front of my eyes so I’m not sure how long exactly) was an exercise in effortlessness. Every shift was precise, every light was green, every car would turn off or be right in the passing zone to glide by and the wind just gently flowed by with its comfortable cool breeze.

The mechanics of brake, weight, shift, look, accelerate seemed to be far away today. They were still happening but it seemed more like flowing with stream than negotiating the road. I would enter a turn a few mph faster than I normally do but it was so easy. I’d pick my apex and the bike would just take me there. My exit speeds were higher than my normal pace when I’m deliberately trying to make a quick clean curve. It just flows so smoothly around the bends.

There are several other bikes on the road today. Everyone gives a big wave today. Seems they are glad to see a break in the rain with a beautiful day too. This trip was over far too soon today. I glide into the garage and park the bike. The gear goes back on the hangers in the corner of the garage.

I change into my mowing clothes and head out to take care of grass with 3 weeks worth of rain fueled growth. Somehow the mowing didn’t seem to take long today. I ride to church to run sound for the youth group(always the tech). The usual “Do you ride a motorcycle?” question (helmet sitting on top of the wireless receivers and the jacket on my chair) doesn’t get an answer tonight. I just smile and they know the answer.

Sorry about no pictures but I don’t think I would have bothered to take any even if I remembered to grab the camera.