It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Star Wars and Dr Who dangerous to go alone printouts

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

The original Legend of Zelda game started out with Link standing out in the open with a shield and no weapon. You walk into the cave on the first screen and this old man gives you a sword.

There was a graphic going around that had the old man and it said “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take one of these”. It had several swords across the bottom and you’re supposed to cut the bottom into strips so they can be torn off. It’s like the ads people put up with their phone numbers except you tear off a sword instead of a phone number. I put it up at work and several people loved it and took a sword (mine is still pinned to my bulletin board). I eventually ran out of swords and took it down.

Recently there was a Star Trek version of this going around. It has Captain Kirk and at the bottom is several expendable redshirt crew members. I put this up at work and got to thinking about other versions of this that I’d like to see. I came up with several different ideas and picked a couple to start with and that’s what I have posted today. Maybe I’ll get around to some more later. Enjoy

Gotta have some Dr Who and a sonic screwdriver. It’s the 11th, 9th/10th and 4th Doctor’s screwdrivers.

Star Wars is still one of my favorites. I originally was going to go with Obi Wan handing out the lightsabers but decided old-school Yoda and Yoda-speak would be better.